heintz & fiore


heintz & fiore AIA is technically versed and highly adaptive, always willing to experience but practical in in terms of constructibility.


Our firm is a full service architectural practice serving a wide range of clients and projects. And we apply all of that knowledge and experience to your project.

Founded in 1969 by Robert Heintz, the firm was founded as a regional practice with strong ties to the community. Projects included commercial and institutional commissions, as well as many of the most recognizable homes in the area. Of particular note, Robert was the associate architect for the reconstruction of the Paper Mill Playhouse, and worked on all of their facilities since.

In 1993 Donald Fiore joined the firm, and in 1997 became a partner and Heintz & Fiore AIA LLC was formed. At the time, Donald is the sole proprietor of the firm, and you will find his resume below.

Our practice emphasizes the diversity of our portfolio and commissions and believe your project benefits from our experiences. Recent projects have included ground-up, alterations, renovations and expansions; each with their unique requirements. And it is that uniqueness that we recognize in your project. The goal is to help you in the creation of your project.

In 1985, I joined a commercial firm, Sterba, Pagani & Associates in Totowa, New Jersey and rose to Project Manager overseeing all aspects of my projects which generally included mid-sized commercial development, educational and local government, and custom residential design.

By 1993 I joined the firm of Robert Heintz Architects, and by 1997 became a partner in the firm. As a general practice, I worked on quite a variety of projects including:

  • Primary and Secondary Educational
  • Clubs and Recreational Projects
  • Custom residential projects, including renovations and additions, as well as new construction
  • Restaurants and Food Service projects

Our firm has maintained a strong relationship with our clients and in some cases has acted as Architect of Record in excess of 25 years. Our services have included all aspects of project design and management, as necessary for each commission.

What I am most proud of is the breadth and diversity of our portfolio and experience, and our ability to incorporate that knowledge into each project. Quite often I am asked either to “just do it the standard way,” or “what does everyone else do,” and invariably have to answer that there is no standard way to do a project, and that our job is to figure out how you want a project designed. Much of our work is to get to a firm understanding of your project’s needs and interests, and to utilize our talents and expertise to bring your project into reality. The emphasis being “your project”.